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vika vermol

[ 2016/04/23; ] Vika Yermolyeva (Vkgoeswild) 23 April, 2016
Studio / Classic Crossover
Award Winning Metal/Classical Pianist and Internet Star on tour!
Almost 390.000 followers and videos with millions of views on youtube
Known as “VKgoeswild” all over the world

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[ 2016/05/01; 10:00; ] Steven Wilson 1 May, 2016
Main Theatre / Rock
One of the most profilic musicians of the progressive rock cycle, the ingenious musician Steven Wilson will be performing at Zorlu Performans Sanatları Merkezi for the first time in Turkey.

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gastronomy festival

[ 2013/02/05 08:00 to 2013/02/10 08:00. ]  

The objective of the competition in International Istanbul Gastronomy Festival is to  provide channels between Turkish Culinary Cultures and other foreign Culinary Cultures and the Turkish Chefs and  World-class chefs will share in the exciting display  and exchange of knowledge that will take place in this competition.
After the membership of All Cooks Federation Turkey was […]