Museum of the Princes' Islands
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Museum of the Princes’ Islands

Museum of the Princes’ Islands is the first louboutin outlet uk contemporary city museum of Istanbul.

It tells the story of the Islands from the geological formation of the Islands to the present day, displaying hundreds of objects and utilising twenty thousand Ottoman archival documents, six thousand digital photographs, hundreds of documentary films, documentation and filming louboutin outlet  of today’s Islands, archival records of public institutions of the Islands, temporary and permanent donations of the Islanders.


The museum aims to promote awareness for the rich multi-cultural history of the Islands with all its values, to contribute to the preservation of its cultural, historical and natural heritage and the enrichment of its cultural life, as well as, to create a passion for the Princes’ Islands. To this end it develops ties and co-operation with relevant NGO’s, communities and volunteer organisations in the Islands, in Istanbul and in other cities of the world. It supports the scientific research on the Islands and realises the establishment here of communication networks.

About the organisation and the sites

The Museum of the Princes’ Islands has been founded by the Foundation of the Islands in cooperation with the Municipality in 2010. The work of over a hundred academicians from different fields and of hundreds of volunteers from the Islands has been invested in the process.

The staff of the museum comprises a director, a museum curator, an education and communication officer, oral history expert, public relation expert, museum technologies advisor. In addition to this for the temporary exhibitions to work with curators and designers. Press relations, promotional and advertising activities carried out by specialist companies that sponsor.

The museum has two different venues on Büyükada, the largest and most inhabited of the islands:

  • Cinar Museum Grounds (open-air exhibition area)
  • St. Nicholas Hangar Museum Site.

Cinar Museum Grounds is situated on a 800m2 site comprising the space for temporary exhibitions of the Museum and the offices of Adaevi, the cultural enterprise of the Foundation of the Islands.

St. Nicholas Hangar Museum Site, located in the area of first settlement on Büyükada, is situated on a 1100m2 site. Of the 700 m2 covered area, permanent exhibition galleries occupy 400m2 and the temporary exhibition hall 225m2.,The rest of the space is allocated to the archives room, the administrative office, workshop area, the mueum shop, the café,and a small storage area.. An additional open area of 400m2 is used to host various cultural activities, meetings and as an open exhibition area.

The Exhibitions

The Cinar Museum Grounds opened on 31st July 2010 with two exhibitions, following three- months of preparation. From the Shores of the Islands and The Islanders exhibitions were open for one year. Buildings and Architects of the Princes’ Islands exhibition opened on 2nd July 2011, todays preparing the venue fort he 2012 exhibition opening day.

The St. Nicholas Museum Site was opened on 10th September 2010, after 5 months of restoration work on the old helicopter hangar. The permanent exhibitions of the museum are housed here.

During the first months of 2011, the permanent exhibition site began to be enlarged, and a new temporary exhibition area, storage area, office and social areas were added. The exhibitions Islands, Writers and Poets: from myth to the literature will be open for one year.

Between 2008-2011 a total of 200 oral history interviews has been completed. Most of the interviews have been carried out in the Islands and related to specific exhibition concepts. Oral history based video clips are used extensively both in permanent and temporary exhibitions.

Favorite activities:

Food culture: “Sephardic dishes”, “Mom’s kitchen; lemonade in scorching days”, “Baby chiefs are making sandwich” etc.
Nature workshops for children: “How old is the world”, “How to find fossils”, “What is the trilobite” “Geological route for adults ” etc.
Transportation: “A day in cylist Islands”
“Garden Tours in the Islands”
“Architectural Tours”
“Tour by boat around the Islands”
“Architectural model workshop for children”
“Music workshop”, “Creative drama workshop”, “Literature for Children”,
“Imaginary Islands workshop for children”

Towards the Museum of the Princes’ Islands

Princes’ Islands Museum has been an aged hope of the Islanders. It was talked about a lot but no steps were taken. With the announcement of Istanbul as the European Capital of Culture for 2010, this old idea suddenly became realisable. The Municipality of the Islands and the Foundation of the Islands prepared a Project. The Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul donated the old primary school building at Büyükada for this cause.

Works started speedily with the approval of the Project by the Istanbul 2010 ECoC Agency. Together with the architectural restoration Project, the activity of collecting documents and composing an archive also started and attracted the contribution of many well-known individuals.

The Museum aspires to document and relate the known history, recent past and today of all the islands in the archipelago. It aims at bringing together the people, buildings, products and migrations by means of contemporary techniques of display. The Project also envisages the renovation of all the house museums on the Islands and to render the whole of the Princes’ Islands as an integrated museum.


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