Eat at BAZARS district
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The bazars district is a mythical place with the famous Grand Bazar and spice bazar (Egiptian Market or “Mısır Çarsısı”). The first, built in the Abercrombie And Fitch Outlet 15th century continued along the time as the biggest covered market in the world. With more than 4000 Abercrombie Outlet stores, it’s numerous streets and workshops, is a city inside the city that closes it’s doors at 19:00. The second is a place full of bright colours, spices and smels coming from all arround the world.


Inside and outside of these bazars, you might get lost in the maze of streets filled of stores and small restaurants, like in the times of the route of soybean where on each street sale there were rest and meal stops. Nowadays, you can revive that atmosphere, enjoy many different meals in places that after dozens of years have an excelent reputation (the waiting line is prof of that). This district is also a great place to do shopping in the way that old merchants did.


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