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      Rock band Duman combines elements of traditional Turkish folk music with modern rock. Duman consists of Kaan Tangöze (vocals and rhythm guitar), Batuhan Mutlugil (lead guitar and backing vocals), and Ari Barokas (bass guitar and backing vocals) and Cengiz Baysal (drums).

Duman released their first album, “Eski Köprünün Altında” in 1999 and second, “Belki Alışman Lazım” in 2002. Both albums achieved great success in Turkey and carried the new generation of Turkish rock bands to the mainstream. In 2004, Duman did somnething new as they released their live concert in DVD format. Their fourth album, “Seni Kendime Sakladım” was released in 2005.

In 2009, Duman have been recording new work in Ireland at Grouse Lodge where famous artists such as Michael Jackson, R.E.M. and Muse have recorded albums. After a 4 year gap between their last album “Seni Kendime Sakladım”, they have released not one but two albums simultaenously. These two albums are self titled “Duman I” and Duman II”.


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